Monday, 28 July 2014

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Anyone for a brew ?

One of my favorite things I've made so far, steam punk style tea urns, I did make 3 but I dropped one and broke it ! I'm keeping that one, :)
The blue one is sold but the gold is on ebay now 

Sunday Dinner

A few more bits I made this week (all available on Ebay)

Half a Pig

Back to the pig thing, this time half pigs, one already sold, the other is on ebay right now !!

Troll head Trophy

Lips, i'm having trouble doing lips, then I found out a good way to do lips, and this was the result on my practice head, I felt quite fond of this face and didn't want to squish it up so had a think...

and came up with this...

The finished trophy, sold on Ebay, :)

Pies, pasties and roly poly

I made jam roly poly for tea, which inspired me to spend a few hours making this lot, and forgetting to make real custard so no-one ate my roly poly, so it went hard and ended up in with the chickens, they enjoyed it tho...

Bad for your Elf

After the success (ha ha) of my last body, I produced  this cheeky chappie.

Here he is get a bit of meat on his bones, despite my lack of stuffing skills.
 First stages of getting dressed...

Outfit complete

Running with the body parts thing

After making the Husbands foot I had a dabble at other body parts, resulting in this rather strange head,

Struggled and screamed in frustration, I can't do hands !!! then found an instruction video and it just clicked in my head, hurrah I made hands !

a few pipe cleaners, a bit of stuffing, a vintage hanky and a chunk of wool scarf and Lurch comes to life, unfortunately if he were a real human he'd be 7 ft tall so just a bit big for my dolls house, but maybe I could make him some sideshow friends like a bearded lady or a dog faced boy??
loving the pout, ha ha


The husband asked me to make him a foot, i have no idea why...

Leaving Present

our chef was leaving us to go to pastures new in the Falklands so in thanks for all the nice dinners he saved for me, I made him this...

The 2 new dolls houses

New house no.1 Cost £11 from Ebay, empty and in need of decoration, the Husband has claimed this one.

House no.2,  Quite nicely decorated, cost £40 !! but did come with loads of furniture, people and box of tea sets and things.

Witches spell bottles

Branching out into witches spell bottles, I loved making these !

My lack of sewing skills

I bought another dolls house in May, well I actually bought 2, but anyway, in it were a family of the most hideous dolls you have ever seen, I took 2 of them apart and managed to reboot them into more useful members of the doll community.
First heres Fanny, so named by my son as her dress is made from a pair of knickers...
before, eeeek ! 

 and after, just needs a glass of gin and a dirty old public house...


but now she's quite cute in a ragamuffin way.