Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ain't got no body... Basic body making for dolls house figures

I am assuming for this tutorial that you have made hands, feet and a head already, either free hand or molded, I will try do a tutorial on making those too at a later date.

You will need,
Clear fast drying glue,
pipe cleaners,
strips of stretchy material such as old t-shirts, or cheap bandages from your first aid kit ,
( I have used tubigrip bandage)

Here is your starting point (these are witch parts, not the ones i'm using in the tutorial as I forgot to take pictures !)

Using the clear glue, stick the pipe cleaners into your body parts, leave to dry for 5 mins.

use another pipe cleaner to connect the legs and arms to the head/body.
As this is a goblin, i have given him a short body, The most important thing at this stage is to get the proportions right, look at your own body and see, for example, that with your arm hanging down , your fingers reach past your hips.

Next cut small strips about an inch wide, and about 5 inches long, too long and you get tangled, you can always add more as you go along.

Glue the lower leg and attach the strip.

So it looks like this, press the strip together for a few seconds to make sure its stuck.

Keep adding plenty of glue and make another turn around the leg, squeezing gently as you go,

get plenty of glue on, its only a pound a tube at poundland, work in a ventilated area though or you will end up on a bit of a high !!

Keep gluing and wrapping all the way up the leg,
 Repeat on the other leg.
Its exactly the same for the arms, slightly more fiddly , take your time and get plenty of glue on !
 As there was quite a bit spare on this one I brought it around the body.

Repeat for the other arm.
Add a strip around the body and you can leave it there, or add more if you want more of a fat belly, as long as you get plenty of glue on there it will all stick nicely,
 and thats it, I might add another strip around his chest, and criss-cross it around his shoulders and bum, to bulk him up a bit, but I had to leave it as i had a bit of a glue high going on !
 It might look a bit rough, but I found this the easiest and quickest way , once you get the clothes on, none of this is seen . have fun :)
Check out my last blog post to see how they look once dressed, :)